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IV. VIDEOS in Russian

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VHS Videotape     90 mins.   Made in Russia in 1992-94.   ISBN 1-881211-43-6    
PRICE: 24.95


This video present five short films, 10-20 minutes each, about the life and work of five very different creative, contemporary Russian artists and artist-families, working with different styles, subject matter and media, but whose artistic production reflects their own Orthodox spiritual life and values, and their love for Russia -- her land, people, traditional culture, heroes and saints, and most especially, her deep roots in the Orthodox Church. 

bullet Includes portrayals of: 
bullet (1) the daily life of a young wood carver in Sergiev Posad, who derives inspiration from St. Sergius and his Trinty-Sergius Monastery, plus from the traditions of the Orthodox Church and Russian folk art (19 mins.); 
bullet (2) an elderly painter of Russian nature and traditional country life (20 mins.); 
bullet (3) a painter of pre-revolutionary people and churches, including Tsar Nicholas II and his family, and Moscow's Christ the Savior Cathedral (10 mins.); 
bullet (4) a St. Petersburg husband and wife, who, with their two teenage sons, paint both traditional icons, and modern paintings based on the iconic style (20 mins.); and 
bullet (5) a mother and daughter team who embroider scenes of the Russian countryside and its abundant churches, in the Russian tradition of exquisite painting with needle and thread, that capture the soul of Russian nature (20 mins.). 

This video provides an extremely interesting portrayal of contemporary Russian artists of different ages, who reflect and are inspired by the Orthodox Faith in their artistic work.  It is ideal for all lovers of the arts and of the Russian artistic experience -- sacred and folk.

[Russian production. In Russian.]