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IV. VIDEOS in Russian

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VHS Videotape    1 hr.   Made in Russia in 1992.   ISBN 1-881211-43-6    
PRICE: 24.95


A must-see video for all icon-lovers, this is a sensitive, prayerful, creative evocation of ways in which the Lord, indeed, does shine His Face – His Presence – upon us, and enlightens us: by means of love, prayer, and especially by means of icons, in which love and prayer are made visible.  The Lord's Presence shines on us through the prayers in a rural church and in monastic life, such as at the Trinity-Sergius, Piukhtitsy, Pskov-Pechory and Optina Pustyn Monasteries.  And the Lord's Face (see video cover) shines upon us through the Church's sacred icons.

In addition to some wonderful views of life at these four monasteries, we also encounter the contemporary life and work of four men and two women iconographers, and see interviews with them:

bullet (1) Priest-Monk Fr. Zenon and pupils at the Pskov Monastery;
bullet (2) married priest Fr. Andrei;
bullet (3) the late Maria Nikolaevna, who became Matushka Juliana late in life, who did all the iconography in the chapel of the Theological Academy at the Trinity-Sergius Monastery;
bullet (4) Adam Rusak, a layman in Germany;
bullet (5) Priest-monk Fr. Ipati at the Optina Pustyn; and
bullet (6) Milla Gregou, director of the St. John of Damascus Orthodox School of Iconography and Workshop in rural France.

This fascinating video shows numerous beautiful contemporary icons that demonstrate the vitality of Russian Orthodox iconographic production today (in Russia as well as in Western Europe), and witness some examples of the devout veneration of icons.

[Russian production. In Russian.]