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IV. VIDEOS in Russian

wpe13.jpg (2588 bytes)VR-3.  THE ANDREI RUBLEV ICON MUSEUM
at the Savior-Andronikov Monastery in Moscow
VHS Videotape    18 mins.    Made in Russia in 1991  
ISBN 1-881211-40-1    
PRICE: $14.95


The Savior-Andronikov Monastery in Moscow was founded by Metropolitan St. Aleksei around 1360.  St. Andrei Rublev (ca.1360-7-- ca.1427-30) lived at this monastery at the end of his life, during which time he did the iconographic work (all long perished) of the interior of the monastery's stone Cathedral of the Savior (1410-27), which is the oldest stone building in Moscow, and where St. Andrei is buried.  If you like icons and revere St. Andrei Rublev, one of the very few sainted iconographers, you will enjoy this video.

bullet Portrayed are:
bullet a brief account of the creation of the Andrei Rublev Museum of Icons;
bullet some of the history and buildings of the former monastery;
bullet views of many of the collection's icons; and
bullet an excerpt of a Divine Service in the Savior Cathedral, which was reopened in May of 1991.

Although St. Andrei had been locally regarded as a saint since his lifetime, he was universally glorified in 1988.  He is usually depicted (see video cover) holding his most famous icon, The Holy Trinity, which he painted (wrote) in 1422 for the Church of the Holy Trinity, in which the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh are located, at the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra Monastery. 

[For extensive views of the Holy Trinity Church and St. Sergius' reliquary, see our Video #6, THE TRINITY-ST. SERGIUS LAVRA MONASTERY: Its History and Life Today.]

For an account of St. Andrei's life, see our ST. INNOCENT/FIREBIRD  Article, THE LIFE OF ST. ANDREI RUBLEV.