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St. Innocent Monastic Community
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IV. VIDEOS in Russian

St. Petersburg
"Orthodox Churches of St. Petersburg" Series

VHS Videotape          30 minutes     In Russian       Made in Russia in 1999

PRICE: $19.95


 The American experience of a cemetery and the Russian experience couldn’t be more different. Orthodox cemeteries in Russian cities frequently have active parish churches that offer a more peaceful atmosphere than a larger church on the regular city streets. Entering an Orthodox cemetery in Russia is like entering another realm—another world. The fenced-in area is full of trees, tall grasses and birds, and thus, is very peaceful, like the peace of the heavenly kingdom; consequently, people like to go there. This Church of the Righteous Job in the Volkov Cemetery is such an example. Even Tsar Nicholas II and his family liked to come here. It is the only church in Russia dedicated to Job the Sufferer. This video features complete views of the exterior and interior and its icons; excerpts from various services, including the feast-day visit of Metropolitan Vladimir, and the cross-procession; icons and engravings of Job and his life; and photos of the pre-revolutionary appearance. The video seeks to give a "feel" for the peoplewho worship here.