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IV. VIDEOS in Russian

"Orthodox Churches of St. Petersburg" Series

VHS Videotape       30 minutes     In Russian     Made in Russia in 1999

PRICE:  $19.95    


Distinctively beautiful, the splendid pale blue and white Russian-baroque cathedral and tall bell tower soar over the waterways of St. Petersburg, crowned with five golden-topped cupolas. Dedicated to St. Nicholas the Wonder-worker, the protector of sailors, this is the sailors’ cathedral. You will see here excerpts of the restored rite of blessing of new graduates of the Naval Academy, plus a special Panikhida/Memorial for those lost at sea, and blessing of memorial wall plaques for those who perished, for which numerous naval personnel are present. Also featured are portions of the St. Nicholas Feast Day Liturgy and Moleben, with Metropolitan Vladimir of St. Petersburg; some treasured icons of St. Nicholas and the Mother of God; exterior and interior views—of the upstairs and downstairs churches; and interviews with the pastor. Features an exceptionally fine music track.