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IV. VIDEOS in Russian


St. Petersburg

"Orthodox Churches of St. Petersburg" Series

VHS Videotape     30 minutes    In Russian      Made in Russia in 1998

PRICE: $19.95


One of the oldest churches in St. Petersburg, this temple—that has seen most of the history of the former capital city—is dedicated to the Baptizer of Russia, Grand Prince Vladimir. Thus, the video opens and closes with excerpts from a group of children being Baptized. You will also see exterior and interior views of the mustard-yellow and off-white church; its history; its beloved icons; its parishioners; and interviews with its pastor. Especially, you will view portions of the St. Vladimir Feast Day Liturgy, served by the late Metropolitan Ioann of St. Petersburg not long before his repose, and the icon-procession around the church. Although this historic cathedral is not usually visited by tourists, it has long played an important role in the lives of the people of St. Petersburg.