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St. Innocent Monastic Community
Redford, Michigan

IV. VIDEOS in Russian


VHS Videotape       1 hour      In Russian    Made in Russia in 1999

PRICE: 24.95


This fascinating 1-hour video depicts life in a major urban monastery, which contrasts with life in the many rural monasteries. At the rural monasteries, usually visitors make occasional pilgrimages. But in Moscow, there is the opportunity to teach and minister to the local people on a regular basis. You will see here the monastery’s history, exterior and interior views of the buildings and grounds, and the two-pronged emphasis of its current life and work—Divine Services and education. The monks teach the local children, including teaching them to sing hymns, and they hold icon-painting classes that include youth. Local residents also fill the magnificent church for Divine Services, sung by a superb monastic choir. You will see considerable footage of the wonderful monastic choir, and many excerpts of a variety of Divine Services, especially during Great Lent and Pascha.