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IV. VIDEOS in Russian

Russian Monasteries Series #10

VHS Videotape       30 minutes     In Russian   [Made in Russia in 1999]

PRICE: $19.95


Valaam is both the name of the large archipelago of islands at the northern end of Lake Ladoga, and the name of the largest island, where the main Transfiguration Monastery is located. Valaam is about 12 hours by boat northeast from St. Petersburg, through the canal and across the enormous ocean-like Lake Ladoga, the largest lake in Europe. Valaam Monastery, with its many sketes and hermitages had been one of the most influential and important monasteries in northern Russia. It was from here that St. Herman and the other nine monk-missionaries came to Alaska in 1794.

This video was prepared for the 10th anniversary of the re-opening of this most famous monastery. It depicts pre-revolutionary Valaam Island, using  extensive old photos and film footage, ending with brief current scenes. This monastery, that had been a very important center of Russian spiritual life, is being rebuilt: monastic life is strong, and many young men are coming here to enter the monastery.

          For more information about Valaam Monastery, see our photo-article, Beautiful Russia: Valaam.