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St. Innocent Monastic Community
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IV. VIDEOS in Russian



St. Petersburg Diocese

Russian Monasteries Series #9


VHS Videotape       30 minutes       Made in Russia in 1999

PRICE:  $19.95


Located east-northeast of St. Petersburg, near the Svir River, this very large monastery was founded in 1485 by St. Alexander Svirsky, at the site revealed to him by the Holy Trinity in a vision. Formed in monastic life at Valaam Monastery (see video #VR-21), he is a much beloved and influential saint, who had numerous disciples, many of whom, in turn, established monasteries, and were spiritual fathers to many. St. Alexander's parents eventually became monastics, and were buried at the Entrance-Oyatskaya Monastery, not too far away. (See video #VR-15.)

This video documents the day of great joy when the saint’s relics were returned in 1999. You will see here portions of the Divine Liturgy in the large main cathedral, served by Metropolitan Vladimir of St. Petersburg, in the presence of numerous pilgrims and the nuns from the Protection Women's Monastery, (about 45 minutes away). Following the Liturgy is the procession with St. Alexander’s relics, translating them to the small chapel, where the Akathist is served by his relics. (This small chapel is where the daily services are held). You will also see the grounds, the church’s icons, the process of reconstruction, and interviews with the Abbott, Igumen Lukian (who is also the spiritual father for the Protection/Pokrov-Tervenicheski Women's Monastery --- see video #VR-19).