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St. Innocent Monastic Community
Redford, Michigan

IV. VIDEOS in Russian

St. Petersburg Diocese
Monasteries of Russia Series #8

VHS Videotape       30 minutes      Made in Russia in 1998

PRICE: $19.95


Located near the St. Alexander Svirsky and the Oyatskaya Monasteries (see videos #VR-20 & VR-15, respectively), about 150 miles east-northeast of St. Petersburg, this monastery is distinguished by: the attractiveness of its well-groomed grounds; the speed with which the monastery has been able to grow and rebuild; the beautiful rural hillside setting on the banks of a lovely lake, and its sacred spring. You will see here: many excerpts of Divine Services, both filled-with-pilgrims and with just the sisterhood; the cross-procession and blessing of the new chapel over the sacred spring; the first Liturgy in 1996, served by Father Lukian; monastic obediences of icon-painting and farm work; the spiritual father for the monastery, the charismatic Fr. Lukian, abbot of the Alexander Svirsky Monastery, who guided the opening up of this monastery; scenes in different seasons; and much beautiful singing by the sisters.