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St. Innocent Monastic Community
Redford, Michigan

IV. VIDEOS in Russian

Monasteries of Russia Series #4

VHS Videotape      30 mins.       Made in Russia in 1996

PRICE: $19.95


If you have a love and veneration for the Optina Elders, this video is for you. Not only will you have the opportunity to vicariously visit the newly re-opened famous Optina Pustyn and see many views of the monastery grounds and surrounding countryside, but you will also be present for highlights of the visit of Patriarch Aleksei to the Optina Pustyn. He has come to preside at the Service of Canonization/Glorification of the Optina Elders, which ends with the Patriarch blessing everyone with the new icon of the now sainted Optina Elders. Patriarch Aleksei also serves the Divine Liturgy in another church, and then he goes to the nearby Kazanski-St. Amvrosi of Optina Women’s Monastery, where you will see him consecrating the altar. St. Amvrosi’s reliquary and photos, engravings and paintings of the elders are shown. This video allows you to participate in this historic, momentous and joyous day in the life of the Optina Pustyn.