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IV. VIDEOS in Russian

               wpe10.jpg (2582 bytes)                                        VHS Videotape    30 mins.  Made in Russia in 1995  
                                                                                ISBN 1-881211-37-1   
                                                                                 PRICE: $19.95
This video is available in English, # VE-25.


Depicted here is the history and present-day life in winter and summer at the newly re-opened Entrance [of the Birth-Giver of God into the Temple] -Oyatskaya Women's Monastery, located on the Oyat River, about 120 miles northeast of St. Petersburg.  It portrays the poverty and great difficulties, as well as the joys, typical of the re-opening and reconstruction of so many monasteries in Russia today, particularly those in remote areas.  

The abbess speaks extensively of her faith in the help and prayers of the Mother of God, in the midst of enormous difficulties. 

bullet Includes:
bullet parts of the Nativity of Christ celebration;
bullet excerpts of summertime feasts;
bullet blessing of the water at the sacred spring; and
bullet drinking of the health-giving water, in a special healing ministry to the handicapped.

There is some lovely singing by the sisterhood.

This is one of three videos (see #23 and #24) documenting the revitalization of monastic life in Russia, and depicting current life in monasteries.  For Orthodoxy, the vitality of monastic life has always been an index of the overall spiritual level, and the rapid growth of monasteries in Russia in the 1990's, with large numbers of young people flocking to the monasteries (and seminaries) is a very hopeful sign for the continuing spiritual resurgence of the Faith in Russia.

[Russian production.]