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VE-8.  MOSCOW: Pages of History
  TIME: 80 mins.   1997.   ISBN 1881211-80-0   PRICE: $24.95

(English narration in this Russian Production)


This excellently crafted, and most fascinating video presents the history of Moscow from the 12th through the 19th centuries in a series of eight, 10-minute programs, that were prepared for the 850th Anniversary of the founding of Moscow (in 1998)
Beautiful video footage is perfectly matched with superbly written and read narration, in which the political and economic history, the culture of daily life, religion, and the styles of all forms of the arts (architecture, painting, icons and all the crafts---for the Church, palace and home) are all thoroughly interwoven with each other. Basically, this video explains how Moscow came to look and be the way it is today, and how Moscow's role in Russian life developed. If you have ever been to Moscow, will be going, or wish you could go, this beautiful video will be a real treat!