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[Pilgrimages to Holy Places Video Series, Vol. 1]
  DVD  ♦  30 mins.  ♦  1997  ♦  ISBN 1881211-30-4   
PRICE: $24.95


  From a unique and prayerful perspective, this unusual and fascinating video focuses on visiting holy sites in Russia as a pilgrim (rather than as a tourist), especially emphasizing the places of pilgrimage for the veneration of the relics of the saints and highly venerated icons.  Instead of 'tour guide' type narration, you are inspired by hearing the lives of the saints. 


(in St. Petersburg) St. Xenia's chapel over her grave in the Smolensk Orthodox Cemetery; St. John of Kronstadt's relics in the Womens' Monastery of St. John of Rila; St. Alexander Nevsky's relics at the lavra monastery bearing his name, and new martyrs in the Lavra's cemetery;

(in Sergiev Posad) the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh and Metropolitan St. Innocent of America and Siberia in the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra Monastery;

(in Moscow) the relics of Patriarch St. Tikhon in the Donskoi Monastery; the Church of the Savior in the Savior-Andronikov Monastery, where St. Andrei Rublev is buried; plus some high-profile newly rebuilt churches: Kazan Cathedral, the Chapel of the Iveron Icon (shown on the video cover) and Resurrection Gates adjacent to Red Square; and the Church of Christ the Savior. 

The extensive English narration tells of the saints lives, of a few major icons, of the four rebuilt structures, and of the current resurrection of the Orthodox Faith in Russia.   Many icons are shown, including several icons of each saint.  There is beautiful sacred music throughout, perfectly wedded to the content of the visuals. 


If you would like to know more about the lives of the saints and the places shown and presented in this video, take a look at some of the 50+ ARTICLES on the St. Innocent Church/Monastic Community website (www.stinnocentchurch) under the "Articles" tab. These articles include icons of the saints and photos of where their relics are located, and where the saints lived.

You also might be interested in the book, RECENTLY CANONIZED ORTHODOX SAINTS: Their Lives and Icons, (b2_orthodoxsaints_livesandicons.html), which presents the lives of the above saints plus many others.  It is listed in our Books section on this website, and is FIREBIRD item #B-2.