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Hierarchal Divine Liturgy in Anchorage 
St. Innocent Cathedral, Anchorage, Alaska; June 28, 1998
[The World of Orthodoxy in Alaska Video Series, Vol.1]
DVD  ♦  2 hrs. ♦  1998  ♦  ISBN 1881211-52-5   
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Orthodoxy in Alaska is different from in the 'lower 48.'  In Alaska, Orthodoxy is purer, and the Native people continue to practice the Russian Orthodox Faith as they received it from St. Herman, St. Innocent, St. Yakov (Jacob) Netsvetov and other missionaries in the 19th century.  Native Alaskans are very proud of both their Russian and their Orthodox heritage.  Being in Orthodox Alaska is about as close as one comes in America to being in an Orthodox country. 

You will experience in this video a typical, non-hurried Sunday Divine Liturgy at the beautiful new St. Innocent Cathedral, with His Grace, Bishop INNOCENT serving a slightly modified Hierarchal Divine Liturgy, assisted by four priests and many servers.  The large excellent choir sings mostly in English, with some Slavonic; 99.9% of what the clergy say is in English.  You will be greatly inspired by the sermon, touched by the extensive intercessory prayers, and captivated by the profound prayerfulness.  The way in which Bishop INNOCENT serves (especially the intercessions during the Great Entrance and the entire Consecration/Anaphora) is absolutely awesome.  

In addition to the exhilarating experience of encountering the beauty and purity of Alaskan Orthodoxy, and seeing the gorgeous new cathedral with its magnificent icons, this video also can enable the sick, elderly, homebound, those who cannot get to church, or whose church has no priest, to truly pray the Divine Liturgy.  If you are looking for a video of the Liturgy in English for this latter purpose, this video is ideal.