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DVD    25 mins.   English
ISBN 1-881211-91-6   
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If you said "prosko-what???" you need to watch this video. It briefly explains what the Prosfora and Proskomedia (pros-ko-meed-dee-ya) are, and then shows a complete Proskomedia. The Proskomedia is the Liturgy of Oblation, or Preparation of the Bread (Prosfora) and wine, that is done at the beginning of every Divine Liturgy. It is the first part of the Liturgy—done at the Table of Oblation/Offering in the Sanctuary—which the priest does before the public part of the Orthodox Divine Liturgy. Therefore very few people have ever seen the Proskomedia. It is very beautiful and meaningful, and by seeing it, one can better understand the rest of the Divine Liturgy.

By watching this video of the Proskomedia, you can see how the Prosfora is used—how the center of the Prosfora seal imprint, called the "Lamb," is removed and offered and placed on the discos. It is this "Lamb" that will be consecrated as the Body of Christ, from which the clergy and the people will receive Holy Communion, and who thereby are united with Christ and with His entire Body—His Church—on earth and in heaven. You will see how a particle of bread is removed for every person prayed for and placed on the diskos, in commemoration of the whole Church of Christ—the living and the departed. And you will better understand how the living and departed are united together in the Chalice of Christ's Mystical Body and Blood. All the marvelous intercessory prayers that are part of the Proskomedia are said loudly enough so you can hear them, and the action is shown up-close.

This 24-minute video is excerpted from the beginning and the end of our 90-minute video, HOW TO MAKE ORTHODOX PROSFORA, for convenience of use in educational programs, and for those who don't wish to watch the whole process of making Prosfora. This excellently crafted, all-digital video is ideal for one’s personal instruction, and to show in many parish educational and Lenten programs, and other educational situations. Every parish should have this video, for it fulfills a very important educational need.

The Very Rev. Archpriest Roman Star, pastor of St. Innocent Church in Redford (metro-Detroit), Michigan, does the Proskomedia. The demonstration of the Prosfora-making (only a few excerpts are seen here), was done by Mother Irina at the Dormition Monastery in Rives Junction, Michigan, with the blessing of the Abbess, V. Rev. Mother Gabriella.