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wpe13536.gif (218651 bytes)VE-15.  The Mission and Challenges
of the Orthodox Church -
in Romania and America, Past and Present
A Lecture by Bishop NATHANIEL
EOCC Conference, Detroit, Michigan  *  August 1992
TIME: 2 hrs.   1992.   ISBN 1881211-05-3   
PRICE: $14.95


His Grace, Bishop NATHANIEL, Head of the OCA Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America, delivers this animated discussion about the historical role of the Orthodox Church in Romania, Romanian Orthodox presence in America, and Orthodoxy's mission in America and in the world today.

The lecture was given at the Eastern Orthodox Catechetical Conference (EOCC) in Detroit, Michigan in August 1992 (the last conference held).  His Grace's down-to-earth style is always captivating and inspiring, and what was said then is just as relevant and interesting today as it was in 1992.