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VE-14.  The Historical Background
of the Contemporary Situation
of the Orthodox Church in Yugoslavia

A Lecture by Metropolitan CHRISTOPHER

EOCC Conference, Detroit, Michigan  *  August 1992
  TIME: 2 hrs.   1992.   ISBN 1881211-06-1    PRICE: $14.95


Metropolitan CHRISTOPHER (of Blessed Memory), who was the Primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North America at the time he gave this lecture in 1992, delivers this very articulate and fascinating presentation of the Serbian perspective of the hotly controversial situation in the former Yugoslavia. 

Citing numerous factual and historical details and examples, you will hear an extremely different perspective (frequently the polar opposite), from what the American media presents. 

The lecture was given at the Eastern Orthodox Catechetical Conference (EOCC) in Detroit, Michigan in August 1992 (the last conference held).  What was said then is just as relevant and interesting today as it was in 1992.