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Pan-Orthodox Lenten Vespers
Detroit, Michigan     March 1992
DVD    1 hr.    1992   1881211-00-2
PRICE: $19.95



Part of the annual Sunday evening Great Lenten Vespers and lecture series, sponsored by the Council of Orthodox Christian Churches of Metropolitan Detroit, this video is a prayerful presentation of the complete Lenten Vespers for Orthodoxy Sunday in 1992, served in English.  Twenty-one priests from many ethnic jurisdictions serve together, expressing Orthodoxy's unity- within-diversity.

This is a beautiful, 3-camera, professional, carefully-edited production, with fascinating video footage videotaped from within the sanctuary.  An excellent, large, Pan-Orthodox choir beautifully sings music from different ethnic traditions.   There is a superb, 5-minute introduction, written by an icon-specialist — in which visual elements and narration are perfectly integrated — which concisely explains the meaning of icons and Orthodoxy Sunday. 

This video is an excellent educational tool for teaching about the meaning of icons and Orthodoxy Sunday, and the unity of the Orthodox Church.  It is also ideal for people who don't live in large metropolitan areas with numerous Orthodox churches, or those who cannot attend an Orthodoxy Sunday Vespers, to participate in this unique celebration.  It may also be used as a means of praying Vespers throughout the Great Fast (Lent).

To learn more about the meaning of Orthodoxy Sunday, see the ST. INNOCENT/FIREBIRD Article, What is Orthodoxy Sunday? on our companion website at: