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St. Innocent Monastic Community
Redford, Michigan


Rives Junction, Michigan, USA  *  August 15, 1993
With His Grace, Bishop NATHANIEL
TIME:  2 hrs.   1994.   ISBN 1881211-23-1

REGULAR PRICE: $24.95; SALE PRICE: $19.95  

What is life in an Orthodox monastery in America like?  What is a pilgrimage to a monastery in America like? This
video will help to answer both questions for those who have never been to an Orthodox monastery, and enable
those who have, to experience once again the marvelous spiritual tranquility of their visit.
This video is also a valuable educational tool.  The 26-minute fully narrated Introduction: The Life of the Monastery,
gives an inside look at the life of a monastery, as it explains and depicts the life, work, grounds and purposes of the Dormition Monastery, and can be viewed alone for a variety of educational uses.  Furthermore, because the Divine Liturgy is served in the new pavilion, where there is no iconostasis, all the liturgical action at the altar and in the sanctuary is visible and shown up-close, making the video valuable also in studying the Divine Liturgy. 

Additionally, this video may enable those who cannot get to church, to pray the Divine Services.  The viewer will be spiritually enriched and inspired by vicariously visiting a holy monastery and participating in its life.  The beauty of the singing of the sisters profoundly contributes to the spiritual purity and beauty experienced here.   The services are mostly in English, with some Romanian.


Introduction: The Life of the Monastery, narrated in English (26 mins.);

Vigil of the Feast & Procession with the Shroud, excerpts (19 mins.);

Hierarchal Divine Liturgy, with Bishop NATHANIEL (77 mins.)