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 DVD    1½ hrs.    2002    English
ISBN 1881211-61-4
PRICE: $19.95


This DVD is an all-digital and very superior production. With the blessing of the monastery’s abbess, V. Rev. Mother Gabriella, the demonstration in this production of the prosfora-making process is made by Mother Irina at the Dormition Monastery, and is done exclusively for this instructional video. All of the steps are very carefully demonstrated and explained. Also included are: what is Prosfora; what is the Proskomedia; preparation; materials and ingredients. This new video has been reviewed by Mother Gabriella, and has her blessing.

Prosfora is the word used in most Orthodox ethnic traditions for the special (leavened) bread that is offered and prepared during the Liturgy of Preparation (Proskomedia or 'Oblation'), prior to the public part of the Divine Liturgy.  A special seal (shown on the video cover) is pressed into the bread dough that creates a certain pattern on the top of the prosfora.   During the Proskomedia, the center of the seal pattern, called the "Lamb," is cut out and offered and placed on the diskos (paten), along with bread particles that are offered with intercessory prayers for the living and the dead. It is this "Lamb" that will be consecrated as the Body of Christ, from which the clergy and the people will receive Holy Communion.  (If you are only interested in the Proskomedia portion of this video, or want to show a Proskomedia in an educational setting, we have prepared a separate DVD depicting the Proskomedia, without the Prosfora-making parts, entitled WHAT IS THE PROSKOMEDIA? It is just $10)

Every Orthodox parish must have one or more persons to make prosfora.   For those who live a devout Orthodox Christian life, making prosfora is a very special way to serve God and His Holy Church, and is a great honor and privilege.  This video fills an important educational need for every parish.  Furthermore, it is very interesting to see how prosfora is made, and hear about prosfora-making, even if you never will actually make it.  A complete Proskomedia is shown at the end. This video is indispensable for every parish.