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IV. VIDEOS in Russian

wpe9.jpg (2479 bytes)VR-24.  CHRIST THE SAVIOR CATHEDRAL:
VHS Videotape     1 hr.       Made in Russia in 1991.  
ISBN 1-881211-31-2   
PRICE: $24.95


This is both a stirring history of Moscow's famous Christ the Savior Cathedral, and a very powerful and moving lamentation of the Communist destruction of Russia's own history and culture -- the burning up of the truth about Russia's past, especially about the Orthodox Church's central and vital role in it.  "Old Rus' is crucified and we are her executioners," the video declares.  In seeking to restore the truth to Russian consciousness, this video focuses on the construction of Moscow's Christ the Savior Cathedral on the Moskva River near the Kremlin and Red Square, and its subsequent destruction by Stalin in 1931. 

The enormous church (temple) had been built by contributions from people all over Russia to commemorate and offer thanks to God for Russia's victory over Napoleon in 1812.  This great church symbolized that Russia's greatest strength was its faith: by destroying it, Stalin was crucifying Russia -- her past and her people.  [Thus its present reconstruction reaffirms Russia's dedication to rebuilding its own soul.] 

bullet The film makes extensive use of:
bullet numerous paintings,
bullet drawings,
bullet photos
bullet and archival film footage.
bullet Depicted are:
bullet the construction;
bullet consecration;
bullet appearance (including extensive details of the exterior and entire interior);
bullet and destruction of the great cathedral. 

(For views of the reconstruction in 1996 of this monument to the Orthodox Faith, see Video #VE-3, Pilgrimage to Holy Russia. Also see a totally different documentary approach to the history of the cathedral, made in 1997, Video #VE-23 (in Russian), also available in English, The Great Church of Russia, #VE-19

[This video has been released under two names: "Christ the Savior Cathedral" and "Truth and Bonfire."] 

[Russian production.]