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 VII.   BOOKS (in English)

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*  by Dr. Jane M. deVyver  *
76 pp.; 6 B & W photos; 5½ x 8½; 1994
ISBN 1881211-17-7
PRICE:  $10.00


This book is a collection of 49 poems by a contemporary Orthodox poet, which are reflections on life, love and spirituality from an Orthodox perspective.


bullet Included are:
bullet a 6-part meditation on the Orthodox hymn from Matins, From My Youth
bullet a 10-part meditation on the Orthodox hymn/prayer, 0 Heavenly King
bullet Heart on Fire
bullet To Dream the Impossible Dream
bullet Laughter
bullet Paint My World Rosey, Not Gray, Thank You
bullet The Fox's Secret and
bullet Stupid Heart

 This book is good for someone who thinks he/she "doesn't like poetry" — to discover that poetry is as diverse as is prose, or painting, or music, or whatever form a person uses to express oneself, and that it is the content of the thoughts that is most important, clothed in a form that enhances the ideas expressed.   If the form conceals rather than reveals the content, it is not good art.

This book includes appropriate quotes and 6 photos reflecting the themes.
The entire book is attractively printed on blue parchment paper.