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A Christmas Play With Carols for Children
*  by Alexander N. Harvilla  *
20 pp., with 2 pp. music; 5½ x 8½
ISBN 1881211-45-2    1997  
PRICE: $5.00


Written by a child for children of all ages, this is a charming musical play, based on the biblical account of the birth of Christ, that uses 8 Western carols, 1 Eastern European carol and the Orthodox Christmas Troparion. The words are included for all the carols within the text of the play, and the music for the two Orthodox pieces are included at the end.

This play was conceived of and written by an artistic boy, who was 10-years old when he wrote this, who loves acting, singing and writing, and who wanted to share this love with other children. The perspective is in accordance with Orthodox understandings, traditions and terminology.

This musical play is ideal for children’s/youth choirs and for church and school Christmas programs. Instead of just singing Christmas carols randomly, you can vastly expand the impact of your carol singing by using this little musical play to place your carols within the context of the story of the Birth of Jesus.

(An icon of the Nativity is on cover.)