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                                    B-4.  THE ORTHODOX CHURCH'S
*  by Dr. Jane M. deVyver  *
36 pp.; 3 B & W photos; 5½ x 8½; 1995
ISBN 1881211-24-X     
PRICE: $5.00


This book presents a concise, timely and original discussion of the theme of "Unity" as a fundamental biblical characteristic of Orthodox teachings and spiritual life. It explains why "Unity" is an essential characteristic of the nature of the Church itself.  It is then shown how this theme of "Unity" is reflected in each of the 7 Sacraments (Mysteries), plus Monastic Tonsuring, and in the 0rthodox Church's sacred architecture and icons. This book has nothing to do with "ecumenism," but explores in an easily understood way, one of the most fundamental concepts of the Church's Faith.  Complex theological ideas are explained so that the general reader may understand.  Included are biblical and liturgical quotes and several photos that illustrate the theme of "Unity."  The book contains the following:

Table of Contents:

"Unity" in the Orthodox Church's Teachings

"Unity" in the Orthodox Church's Spiritual Life


     (1) Theosis

     (2) Synergeia

     (3) Reconciliation

          (a) Reconciliation With God

          (b) Reconciliation With Ourselves

          (c) Reconciliation With Nature

          (d) Reconciliation With Each Other

"Unity" as a Characteristic of the Orthodox Church

"Unity" as Manifested in the Orthodox Church's Liturgical Life

"Unity" as Manifested in the Orthodox Church's Sacraments

            (1) Baptism

            (2) Chrismation

            (3) Communion

            (4) Confession

            (5) Marriage (Crowning)

            (6) Ordination

            (7) Unction

            (8) Monastic Tonsuring

"Unity" as Manifested in the Orthodox Church's Architecture

"Unity" as Manifested in the Orthodox Church's Icons


The concise and easy-to-understand presentation of many aspects of the Faith of the Orthodox Church makes this slender book ideal for parish education, "tract racks" and bookstores.