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 VII.  BOOKS (in English)

                         B-3. DAILY PRAYERS:
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Morning, Mid-Day and Evening
Contains the text of our audio recording
of Chanted Prayers #1
24 pp.;  4¼ x 5½;  9 icons (B&W)
ISBN 1881211-54-1
PRICE: $4.00



This booklet contains a very carefully chosen selection of prayers (neither too long, nor too short), from diverse sources, whose spiritual value is greatly enhanced by 9 beautiful icons. Its compact size and attractive format makes this little booklet highly practical, for it easily slips into a purse or shirt pocket. Makes a great little gift.

Each of the 3 groups of prayers are diverse: they include the opening Holy God (Trisagion) prayers, a Psalm, a prayer/hymn to the Birth-Giver-of-God, and selected prayers and hymns from traditional Morning and Evening Prayers, Vespers, Matins and the Hours, plus the Daily Prayer from the Optina Monastery.

How is this prayer book different from other prayer books?

(1) The selection of prayers is neither too long nor too short: it is a perfect length for busy people. It is not so long that it is intimidating, or to cause you to give up on it because it is too much, neither is it so short that it is too abbreviated.

(2) By not having any extra prayers or anything extraneous, the size is compact enough so that it easily fits into a shirt or jacket pocket, or into a belt bag or purse. Also, it fits well in a person's hand, and isn't overwhelming by its size.

(3) When one is reading the prayers away from the icons of one's prayer corner at home, the nine diverse icons (B&W) enhance one's prayer and worship. In addition to the travel triptych icon on the cover (of Christ, St. Nicholas & Guardian Angel), the full-page icons include: Christ, and the Vladimir Mother-of-God (on the inside front and back covers); the American saints; a feast-day icon that reflects the theme for each group of prayers (Morning: the Transfiguration; Mid-Day: Crucifixion; and Evening: St. Simeon receiving Christ in his arms in the Meeting/Presentation of Christ in the Temple), plus St. John the Theologian and Christ's "Holy Face, made-without-hands."

(4) The prayers in this booklet correspond to our audio recording of chanted Daily Prayers, so you may use them both in conjunction with each other. You might listen to the audio cassette while driving, and read the printed prayers when you are not driving. Perhaps you are already used to listening to the audio cassette, but have wanted to be able to read the same selection of prayers at times when you cannot listen to the audio.

See our audio recording of the same name for the same prayers prayerfully chanted: DAILY PRAYERS: Morning, Mid-Day and Evening.