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wpe1.jpg (2707 bytes)A-1.  THE 150 PSALMS OF DAVID
(Arranged for 1-Month's Daily Listening)
        A set of four 90-minute chanted audio cassettes or CD's
TIME: 4 x 90 mins.    1994     ISBN 1881219-3   
PRICE: $25.00



This is the only chanted recording of the complete Psalms.  From the Church's beginning, the Old Testament's magnificent 150 Psalms have been central to  Christian prayer.  They are beautiful, timeless, poetic reflections of the soul's intimate relation with God, in the midst of life's problems, joys and sorrows.

In this prayerfully chanted recording, using the New King James translation from The Orthodox Study Bible, the Psalms are arranged for morning and evening listening for thirty days, following the Orthodox Church's traditional division of the Psalter into twenty Kathisma, each with three stases.   By listening to one 4-6 minute selection every morning and evening, the complete Psalter will be heard once a month.  Each selection is identified according to the Psalm, Kathisma and stasis, the day, morning or evening.

The four audio cassettes in this set are packaged in a handsome 5" x 7" white, soft plastic case, that opens like a book or video case, with two cassettes on the left and two on the right.  There are attractive slip-in covers on the front, back and spine, printed on pale green card-stock, with an icon of St. David on the front cover, and detailed notes on the back. 

These cassettes are ideal for commuters, the sight-impaired, sick, elderly, home-bound, and for anyone who wishes to bring more prayer into his/her life.