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wpeB.jpg (2014 bytes)A-14.  WHAT MEN LIVE BY &
*  2 Spiritual Stories by Leo Tolstoi *
*  Dramatic Readings  *
TIME: 82 mins.   1993   ISBN 1881211-07-X   
                 PRICE: $6.95


These two inspiring and uplifting stories, written in the 1880's by the great Russian literary genius, Leo Tolstoi (1828-1910), are written with a simple and timeless beauty. Expressing the true meaning of spiritual love, these two universal tales will touch the hearts of both children and adults alike. 

In What Men Live By (1881), a poor shoemaker and his family take into their home a mysterious stranger, who must learn three lessons.

In Where Love Is, God Is (1885), a poor widowed cobbler, whose sad life is transformed by reading the Gospels, awaits a promised visit by Christ. (The Gospel reading for Judgment/Meatfare Sunday is central to the story.)

Both of these simple tales reflect how seriously Orthodox spirituality takes Christ's commands to show our love for one another by "feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and welcoming the stranger."  Although wonderful to listen to at any time of year, they can especially enhance the seasons of the Great Fast/Lent and the Christmas Fast/Lent.

This cassette is packaged in the customary way - in a clear, hard-plastic box, with a blue "J" card with an icon-drawing of an archangel on the cover, and notes on the inside flap.

As with all these audio recordings, this cassette is ideal for commuters, the sight-impaired, sick, elderly, home-bound, and for children of all ages.  Makes an excellent small gift for any occasion.

bullet CONTAINS:  
bullet Side 1: "What Men Live By"  [44 mins.]
bullet Side 2: "What Men Live By"  [8 mins.] and "Where Love Is, God Is"  [30 mins.]
bullet (Translated by Louise and Aylmer Maude in the 1930's.)