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wpeA.jpg (1887 bytes)A-13.  JOURNEY BACK TO THE
*  A Dramatic Reading  *
TIME: 65 mins.   ISBN 1881211-04-5   
PRICE: $6.95


Experience an enjoyable and fascinating journey back in time to discover  what happened to the Church after the Apostles died.  In a dramatic-reading format, hear first-hand descriptions of the struggles and conflicts, victories and glories of the post-Apostolic period, discovering how the issues and conflicts of the 2nd and 3rd century Christianity are amazingly similar to those of today.

bullet Hear some major figures of these 2 centuries:
bullet     St. Irenaeus of Lyons,
bullet     St. Cyprian of Africa,
bullet     Tertullian of Africa,
bullet     and the heretic, Marcion;
bullet     hear the bishop preach at the Resurrection night Baptismal Service inRome in the year 200.
bullet Learn the fascinating story of how the New Testament came into being.
bullet Witness how conflicting doctrines about:
bullet     the nature of God the Father,
bullet     of Jesus Christ,
bullet     of the created world,
bullet     and of human nature — challenged the Orthodox Church of the Apostlesto define itself.

This cassette helps fill a gap in people's general knowledge about the history of the Church, about the development of the New Testament and the definition of Church teachings.  Instead of a lecture, it is presented in a slightly fictionalized, "you are there," conversational type format, to help make the material more accessible to a wider range of people.  It is appropriate for people of all religious backgrounds.  Anyone who thinks that nothing of interest occurred in the Church after the Apostles died, will be pleasantly surprised to discover the exact opposite.   Complex ideas are explained in an understandable way, and correlated to ideas in the late 20th century. 

This cassette is packaged in the customary way - in a clear, hard-plastic box, with a light blue "J" card, and notes on the inside flap.

bullet CONTAINS:  
bullet Side 1: Journey Back to the 2nd & 3rd Century Church  [42 mins.]
bullet Side 2: Journey Back to the 2nd & 3rd Century Church (conclusion)   [23 mins.]
(Written and presented by Jane M. deVyver, M.Th., Ph.D.)