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wpe7.jpg (2521 bytes)A-10.  AKATHIST TO ST. HERMAN OF ALASKA &
TIME: 68 mins.   1998    ISBN 1881211-48-7
PRICE: $6.95


This cassette contains two Akathists to the two most beloved saints of America.  Each Akathist (an extended hymn-prayer in 13 sections) praises and rejoices in the saint's life-story, teaching us about them, so that we might become friends with them.

On side A is the Akathist to Blessed Father Herman of Alaska, who was one of the original ten Russian missionaries who came to Alaska in 1794 from Valaam Monastery in Lake Ladoga, northeast of St. Petersburg.  The North Star of Christ's Holy Church, Father Herman lived on Kodiak and Spruce Islands for 42 years, caring for orphans and the sick, and teaching the native people by his holy life and great deeds.   Our first American saint was glorified on August 9, 1970, at which time his relics were moved from Spruce Island to the Resurrection Church in Kodiak, the successor to the original Resurrection Church that St. Herman had helped build in 1794.

On Side 2 is the Akathist to St. Innocent, Enlightener of America and Siberia, who traveled constantly as a missionary for 45 years, teaching the Native people about Christ, and caring for and ministering to his flock.  First he served as a married priest, and then as a bishop, ending his life of service to God as the Metropolitan of Moscow - the head of the Orthodox Church in Russia.  Our second American saint was glorified in 1977.  The legacy and abiding presence in America of these two Russian missionaries is very strong, and they continue to guide us and the Holy Church they planted firmly in America.

The Troparion and Kontakion to each saint is included following the Akathist.

This cassette is packaged in the customary way  - in a clear, hard-plastic box, with a yellow "J" card with icons of St. Herman and St. Innocent on the cover, and notes on the inside flap.

As with all of these audio recordings of prayers, this cassette is ideal for commuters, the sight-impaired, sick, elderly, home-bound, and for anyone who wishes to bring more prayer into his or her life.

bullet CONTAINS:  
bullet Side 1: Akathist to St. Herman of Alaska, [33 mins.]
bullet Side 2: Akathist to St. Innocent of Alaska & Metropolitan of Moscow [35 mins.]
Akathist to St.Herman [slightly modified],  © 1970, OCA;
Akathist to St. Innocent,  by Fr. Michael Oleksa, Diocese of Alaska, 1997;
Icon of St. Herman, Book of Akathists, © 1994, Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, NY
Icon of St. Innocent, icon for the 200th anniversary of the birth of St. Innocent, 1997, OCA