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IV. VIDEOS in Russian

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VHS Videotape         30 mins.    Made in Russia in 1996.   
PRICE: $19.95

                                                                 THIS VIDEO IS AVAILABLE ON DVD IN ENGLISH.

                                  VE-23.  ORTHODOX ST. PETERSBURG, IN ENGLISH


This video depicts eleven of the Orthodox churches of St. Petersburg, and tells of their history and spiritual traditions, and the four saints whose relics lie in the city's churches and cemeteries.  Shown are the interiors and exteriors of the churches, with some aerial views, plus icons, and short excerpts of services and processions.   Also featured is a beautiful sacred music track.

bullet Included are:
bullet Ss. Peter and Paul Fortress Cathedral;
bullet the St. Alexander Nevsky Men's Lavra Monastery, with its Holy Trinity Cathedral (with St. Alexander's relics) and cemetery (with the grave of the New Martyr, Metropolitan St. Benjamin [1874-1922]);
bullet Prince St. Vladimir Church;
bullet Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God;
bullet St. Nicholas Bishop's Cathedral;
bullet Transfiguration Church, with the newly restored Rite of the Blessing of the Naval Academy Graduates;
bullet Resurrection Church on the Griboyedev Canal (the "Blood" Canal);
bullet Cathedral of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God;
bullet the Smolensk Temple and Chapel over St. Xenia's tomb in the Smolensk Orthodox Cemetery;
bullet St. John of Rila Women's Monastery (with St. John of Kronstadt's relics); and
bullet St. Isaac's Cathedral.   

[Russian production. In Russian with printed English translation.]